Leadership & Agency Management Program (LAMP)

LAMP is aimed to develop Takaful Agency Leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully run a Takaful agency. It is designed specifically to meet industry needs and standards with modules aim to develop Takaful entrepreneur with the basic philosophy of Islamic finance and the fundamentals in basic agency building and management in a Takaful agency set-up.

It is the next level certification for Takaful Agency personnel after Takaful Basic Examination.


Learning Outcomes

  • To prepare potential agency leaders to be adequately equipped with sound knowledge on management skills and techniques to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • To prepare leaders to effectively build productive and develop a good agency force for long term sustainability and profitability.
  • To create higher standards of professionalism that will ultimately enhance the public image of the Takaful industry.


Mode of Learning

Face-to-face only


Contact: training@ibfim.com

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The program consists of ten (10) modules:

  • M00: Introduction to LAMP
  • M01: Agent Path Finding
  • M02: Essence of Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • M03: Agency Business Planning
  • M04: Recruitment of Agent/Associate
  • M05: Selection of Agent/Associate
  • M06: Generalised Training of Agent/Associate
  • M07: Individualised Coaching of Agent/Associate
  • M08: Leadership & Agency Management in a Nut-shell
  • M09: Agency Culture & Team Building

Registration is open all year round and candidates are allowed to be registered for any published assessment date. However, registration for any particular assessment date will be closed THIRTY (30) days before the assessment.

The LAMP assessment structure:

Type of Assessment Details Mode Allocated Marks Minimum Score Required to Pass
Formative Action Projects Written Assignment 70% 40%
Summative Final examination paper consisting 50 objective questions Computer-based exam 30% 20%


For Action Projects, the final marks will be given by the Moderator upon its full submission within the given timeline. It will contribute 70% to the final grade.

The final examination paper, on the other hand, consists of FIFTY (50) multiple choice questions which adds to 30% of the overall score. The duration of the examination is ONE (1) hour. It is a computer-based examination conducted at IBFIM authorized examination centers and available in both English and Bahasa Melayu.

The fee is RM100.00 per sitting.


Passing Mark of LAMP

 The passing mark for LAMP is 60. Each Candidate is required to PASS both assessments. Should the candidate fail the final examination paper, the candidate is required to re-register to re-sit for the final examination only. The marks obtained from the action projects shall be maintained.

For candidates who fail to achieve the minimum score required for the action projects, the moderator shall ensure that the respective action project requirement is fulfilled by the candidate before registering for the final examination paper.