11 Ramadan: Banking with Confidence

Islamic banking operates with accordance to Fiqh Muamalat (Islamic rules on transactions). The value propositions of Islamic banking are attractive not only to Muslims but communities the World over, as it pushes on fairness and transparency in its financial dealings. Alongside the robust growth of Islamic banking, competent and knowledgeable professionals in the industry are highly sought after.

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The Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance (AQIF) is designed specifically for meeting industry’s needs and standards. AQIF is developed to equip and assist working adults as well as industry practitioners in enhancing their competencies, skills and knowledge in Islamic finance.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Acquire basic knowledge of Shariah, the requirements of Mualamat contracts and the differences between Islamic and Conventional Finance;
  • Apply various Shariah contracts commonly applied in mainstream Islamic finance products and services;
  • Understand the fundamental knowledge of ethics from Islamic perspective and its relation to Islamic finance;
  • Understand the principles of Islamic law and other regulatory framework that govern the Islamic Financial system; and
  • Identify the basic components in contemporary Islamic Architecture.

Successful candidates will be awarded the AQIF certification.

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